Friday, December 19, 2008

Freedom from Anger


You should do catharsis for fifteen days in a row for fifteen minutes. Try one experiment – go to a room where you are alone, close the doors and windows. Take a pillow and imagine the person with whom you are angry. Remove your entire grudge and rage on the pillow thinking him to be the same person. Scream, shout, hit it hard, punch it, throw it, kick it do everything you feel like doing to that person. Say bad words to it just destroy the pillow with your legs. Insult it every possible way. Dash it with the walls, utter everything that comes to your mind against him. Within fifteen minutes you shall feel relieved. The burden of pain and anger, that you were carrying since so long will disappear.

Osho has invented many such meditation techniques that shall free us from the burden of the past. For example: Dynamic meditation, Devavani Mediation, Gibberish, No-mind, Born again and so on. Choose any of this meditation for yourself. From among new techniques of Oshodhara, rebirth meditation shall be of great help for you.

Anger of the Past

As we broom our house daily so as to keep it clean. This shall prevent garbage and dirt to be accumulated in the house or as we bath daily so as to keep our body fresh and hygienic. Similarly at regular intervals it is essential to purify our own mind also. The layers of past incidents and actions get accumulated in the mind. Negative feelings start getting stored. It is necessary to give them a way out from us. You may consider it as a bath for the soul. After doing catharsis, lie down silently in a relaxed posture for around 15minutes and feel your own being. Within a span of 8-10 days or whenever you consider it right, one must do this process of eliminating your repressed emotions.
But remember one thing, only catharsis is not enough. It will be helpful to fill the wounds of the past but it will not stop the further creation of new wounds. So as new dirt and dust does not get piled up it will be important for us to live a life of loving awareness. Two options will be helpful.

Anger of the Present

First – Be aware towards the basic ghost nature of your ego. Among the eight ghost types, one is actively present in each of us. Recognize it; be conscious about it. And the second – Do not think, do or say anything being trapped by anger. If you learn the technique of postponing or doing it later on in this regard, you can see miraculous changes happening.
There was an unique and rare saint named George Gurdjieff in Soviet Russia. He has mentioned in his autobiography that when he was just of 9 years of age, death of his father took place. At the time of death, his father called Gurdjieff and said that I do not have any wealth or treasure to give you as my heritage. But I am giving you a small teaching – when anger takes over you do not get unconscious and say or do something. Just stop there. Wait for 24hours and than do whatever you want to do. The fire of anger will get silent within 24hours and than you shall be aware. George Gurdjieff has written, “I have fulfilled the promise given to the dying father and for my entire lifetime I could not ever get angry. Either within 24hours I had recognized my own mistake than I went to ask for forgiveness or realized that the other person was in certain misunderstanding so made an effort to make him understand with love. The matter resolved in a peaceful way. In either of the situation, the fight did not took place and their arose a great friendship amongst the two.

Be aware towards your ego and postpone the evil as far as possible – these two techniques shall get you rid from the anger of the present. And the technique of catharsis shall get you free from the pilings of the anger of past.

Experience Godliness


Your question itself indicates clearly that you don’t have the eye of love, with which you can see God. What can be the proof of God’s existence? If you don’t have the eyes, what can prove Sun’s Existence?

An atheist came to Ramkrishna Paramhans. He must be just like you, atheist, philosophical and controversial. He gave many justifications against God. Ramkrishna did not reply any of his justifications. On the contrary he hugged him in between, loved him a lot, and touched his head with a loving hand. He gave more and more justifications that God does not exist. And Ramkrishna got more and more contented with each of his justification and again hugged him with love and tender care, touched his cheek lovingly and told him, “You have given such a beautiful justification for God’s existence”.
Seeing such reaction of Ramkrishna, atheist was surprised. Amazingly Ramakrishna didn’t stop loving him despite of his each harsh argument against God. And after all this, the atheist got up and said that you are strange person, I came hear to fight. Before coming over here I thought that when you will say something I will interrupt. I am giving justifications but you are not telling anything. Ramkrishna replied that what can be the greater evidence? Your presence on Earth is enough to prove God’s existence. From where did such sharp intelligence of yours, brilliance of yours, such justifications and such brain power of yours come from? This is the evidence of God’s existence. That atheist fell into his feet. He had never thought that his being is the evidence of God’s existence, what other evidence is required?

Once, some people of the village took a blind person to Gautam Buddha and they told him please explain to this man. We all are really tired of explaining to him. He says that Sun, Moon, Stars etc don’t exist. You all want to prove me to be blind; therefore you are saying all this. There is no light anywhere. He is blind from his birth. We are unable to explain to him what is light. On the contrary he tries to prove that there is no light. We are in some illusion.
Buddha replied “It is your fault. The blind person can not be explained about the light. His eyes have to be cured. Actually that poor soul is right. Your statements cannot prove the reality of light.” Gautam Buddha had the famous doctor of His times. Buddha called that doctor and said, Can his eyes be cured?’ The doctor checked him and said, ‘Yes, it is possible. There is a fine net on his eyes. That net can be removed with the help of minor surgery and with the help of some medicines it will get dissolved. And then he will be able to see.’ His treatment went on for 6 months and finally he was able to see. Then he bowed down very happily in the feet of Buddha and said it is strange that for 50 years I was adamant that there is no light and the people tried to explain to me, but I am an intelligent and justified person. I don’t agree what I haven’t experienced. I am really thankful to you that you got my eyes cured. Now I know that there is light. I know without anybody’s explanation.
With which eye can we know God? That is eye of love. If that is not there, then there is no God anywhere.

Meditation – Key to open the eye of Love

Listen what Osho says – “Sun has risen and you are asking that what is the evidence of Sun’s existence? So I will just say that open your eyes and see, there is no other evidence. Sun has risen and you are asking that what is the evidence of sun? This proves only one thing that either you are blind, or you have kept your eyes closed. And only second thing can be true, because nobody is born blind in spiritual terms. Nobody is blind since birth. In the realm of spirituality we have kept our eyes closed and are considering ourselves as blind. When some love will rise within you, only then will your eye can recognize God. If you get filled with love then God is there and only then He is there. Don’t ask for any other evidence. There is no other evidence. If you are filled with love, then God is there. Then there are evidences everywhere. But first you get filled with love. I consider love to be the only evidence of God. Therefore enlightened people made groups, communes, so that you are not left alone. So that some companions are there, no matter even if there are few of them, at least you will have some company, at least you will get some courage, you will get some power. There will be a chance to encourage each another. You would not be left completely alone. It is even difficult to develop love in this world which is surrounded by hatred. Therefore all the enlightened people form groups. A commune, a group of the people who live around them lovingly and meditatively, at least you will be able to live lovingly over there. You will be able to become silent and then that eye will start opening slowly.

Meditation and Samadhi are the solution to open your spiritual eye. There is no need of outer treatment or surgery. It will be done by inner awareness. You awake more and more. Become more conscious and sensitive. Only these two solutions are there: awareness and love. And then you will find that you can do His darshan, who is present everywhere.

That is why a group of loving people, group of seekers, formed around enlightened people, so that people can come there and get relaxed and be transformed. There nobody is sitting to fight with you; nobody is going to have debate with you. There is atmosphere of harmony where you can open your eye of love slowly and gradually. Meditation will help you to clean your eyes. You will be able to cut that net of unawareness which has been formed. Doing this all alone is difficult, though not impossible. But definitely it will be difficult. But in the group ‘Sangham Sharanam Gachami’, this will be easier. Be loving and meditative.

Effort and Grace

All three things are essential – effort, waiting and grace. We will have to make efforts; we’ll have to wait. And when the waiting will also drop, the grace is showered. His grace showers. That for which we have been waiting – happens. In the beginning we have to be associated very actively. We have to work very hard, practice the meditation technique regularly. Gradually the active phase slows down. Even in waiting, a sort of subtle activeness is still present; we are waiting for something to happen. True, that we are not doing anything from our side but still we are waiting for something, a subtle activity is still going on. This will also disappear gradually.

I’ve heard an incident about Chandulal’s wife who woke up her husband at midnight that she was worried about her son whom she had sent to the market at 8.0’clock. It was already midnight and he had not yet returned home. She said, she was quite worried and was also getting tired of waiting and had started feeling sleepy also. Now what to do? Chandulal asked – what did you want him to buy? The wife replied – I had sent him to the chemist shop to buy some tranquilizers as I was not feeling sleepy. Now just imagine what she’s saying – she’s saying that she has got tired of waiting and has started feeling sleepy now, what to do?

So, first of all – make some efforts, send your son to buy tranquilizers and then wait for him to come back. But he will not come back. Your waiting will not make him come back. But meanwhile you would start feeling sleep that is sure. So keep on waiting and then go to sleep. The supreme happening that has to happen will happen itself. Your efforts are also essential and the waiting is also important. Although, your efforts and your waiting, as such, are of no use. But after reading this statement of mine, if you would not do anything, then also, nothing would happen.

So, dear friends, your efforts are important because they will tire you. So do it with totality so that you get tired fast. When I say to put in all your energy, it is just to exhaust you so that you get tired fast; that’s all. If you will do slowly, half-heartedly, it might take years and years and you will never get tired. And then the ultimate moment of grace will never arrive. When we are totally effortless – the grace is showered. And that is the moment when we realize that the grace was always showering. We were missing it because of our efforts, because of our waiting. We were not able to realize IT because of our own misconceptions.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Experience the Ultimate

KINDLY There is nothing that I can say about my own self, because when I go within I found no one there. I do not exist there.

You are asking me: Who am I? I am ordinary human being and my message is this much only that inside the ordinariness is hidden the extra-ordinariness. Being natural and spontaneous, I have known the divine within me. I have discovered the infinite treasure within. I also want to convey the same thing that many sages down the centuries have said: Each and every human being can dive within in the ocean of bliss and know “SATCHITANAND - Truth, consciousness and bliss.” This small thing is all that I want to share with you but it would be wrong to call it only my message. This is one common message of all those who have known, who have been enlightened, who have merged into that oneness. If you wish, you can call it as my message. But there exists nothing like mine. When I say, that you have to know yourself, it simply means that I am nothing. My existence is like nothingness. In self-realization, we just become aware that I am not.
Nothing Like

You all must have heard the story of Bikshu Nagsen. Once a king, through the members of his court, sent an invitation to Nagsen, to come to his court. He shall be welcomed; he shall be given a post, since he is an intellectual person. His presence will create the goodwill of the court since he is a man of wisdom. To the members of the court he replied, if the king had called, so definitely I shall come but there exists nobody like Nagsen. Surprisingly, they inquired; if there is nobody like Nagsen then who shall come? The member returned and told this incident to the King to which he too was amazed. The preparations for His arrival were done. On a chariot came Bikshu Nagsen. The king welcomed him at the gate and said: I welcome you, Bikshu Nagsen. He also greeted back and answered your greetings are accepted but there is none like Bikshu Nagsen. Inquiringly, the King asked if there is nobody like Bikshu Nagsen then who is accepting the greetings. Bikshu Nagsen said: it would be better to understand this in detail. He said let me explain it to you with an example. He asked in the chariot which I came where is it? Pointing towards the chariot, the King said it is in front of you. Nagsen ordered to remove the horses from it. His orders were followed; to which he asked are these horses the chariot? The king said: how can the horses be the chariot, they are just the horses. Nagsen requests to take the horses away since he only required the chariot. Then he ordered to remove the wheels of chariot, which when done, he inquired are these wheels, the chariot? To which King replied these are just wheels, how can they be the chariot? These wheels were also sent away. In the similar manner, the seat of chariot, the cushion, its upper cover, the ropes to which the horses were tied were all removed. Each part of it was separated and was queried is this the chariot? And for each of them, the king had to deny the existence of chariot and name each as a part. Smilingly, Nagsen asked, now nothing is left, where is the chariot? The king was also puzzled.

Explaining it, Nagsen said: chariot is only a name given to combinations of these things. It actually does not exist anywhere. He further added, in this context try to understand my point. You all know me by the name of Nagsen, it is merely a combination of body, mind, and the consciousness. You try and separate them out, then there shall be nothing as Nagsen left behind. Body is given by my parents, it is their gift. It is made up of clay, it is created due to consumption of food and it shall also dissolve in the same clay one day. Mind is given by the society. All thoughts are not mine they are either given through information from books, by the people. This mind shall also disappear one day. The conscious is of existence, of the divine, that is also not mine. The combination or joining point of body, mind and consciousness is named as Nagsen. It is useful, it is essential from linguistic point of view but it has no reality. It just has a utilitarian value. Just remove the body, separate the mind and pull out the consciousness then there shall be nothing like Nagsen left behind.
You are asking me: Who am I? Just understand this only I am just a combination. My message is this much only to make you all aware that you all too are a combination. And if you shall be stuck in formalities or consider yourself to be as your name then you will be in
misery. If only if you can go within and search who am I? Then you shall find there is nobody within, just divinity in the form of consciousness. Mind is given by the society, body is gift of parents; it is created due to food. We are just the combination of these three. All I want to say it this: relax in Samadhi and realize this fact and you shall be free from it. To be free, nothing else is needed, just experiencing and understanding it is needed. But the word self-realization is contradictory, it means when you realize that there is no self.
Self-realization only means that I am not. That’s why Gautama Buddha calls it “Anatma.” You can call it by any name, either as ‘Atma’ or ‘Anatma.’

In this realization all the dualities disappear. Just a message of one line I want to give; Experience the Ultimate.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Group Healing

Group healing is done in many ways. Three persons can do healing on one patient who lies down. First healer can keep his hands 2 or 3 inches away, another healer can place hands near the feet of the patient or on the diseased part of the patient, and third on the navel center- 2 or 3 inches away from the body. All the three healers may do Bhastrika or Kapal Bhati Pranayam and then calm down and relax. Just become an empty vessel and let the energy flow through you. If you know the Divine Music and the Divine Light, then merge yourself in the Divine and feel that the energy flowing from your hands is entering into the body of the patient and is healing him. Remain in this prayerful stage filled with gratitude- at least for 5 to 7 minutes. Many people can be healed by group healing as each patient has to be given just 5 to 7 minutes.

Another technique of group healing is the one which Osho used to do during his meditation camps.

In the third type of group healing, the main healer stands on a table or a chair kept in the middle and all those who are interested in receiving the healing sit around him in a circle. Another group of people who want to help would stand in an outer circle formed around those who are sitting. Everybody participates in Keertan (all sing and dance merrily on the tunes of religious songs). The whole atmosphere becomes joyful and all the healers pray for the well-being of their friends. The Keertan music stops for a while, hands of the healer up in the sky and feeling that the Divine Energy is pouring on us. Then, descending the hands towards the patient, the healer feels that the Divine Energy is flowing towards the patient and is healing him. This process is repeated twice or thrice. This is an extremely effective technique of group healing.

Distant Healing

There is another type of healing also which is known as distant healing. A photograph of a person to be healed or anything used by him may be taken for example - a handkerchief or any dress. The process is the same. After taking a bath in the morning, feel yourself in a prayerful mood. Do 1 or 2 minutes of physical exercise and Pranayam (breathing exercises) and then sit calm and quiet in meditation. Look at the photograph of the person. If you want, you may focus the energy at your Agya Chakra point in the middle of your forehead and feel that the Agya chakra of the photograph is receiving the energy that is being sent from your Agya Chakra. Or you may also feel that the energy flowing through your hands is being received by the person in the photograph and is also healing him. A particular time should be fixed between the patient and the healer or it may be fixed on telephone so that the person who has to receive the healing also takes bath, wears clean clothes, feels fresh and relaxed and is in a prayerful and receptive mood. This experiment of distant healing is usually done for 15 minutes. The patient has to become very receptive and feel the healer is sitting with him. This is also known as Distant Divine Healing.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Your Queries Answered

Don’t worry about the sleep. If you fall asleep accept that also. Don’t fight with it, don’t stop it. The Urja Dhyan meditation technique is particularly based on the receptivity and the sitting or the standing posture while practicing this meditation technique would reduce the receptivity. There continues to be a sort of resistance, a sort of fight with the existence at very subtle levels. Therefore, lying down while doing Urja meditation proves to be very useful as this posture makes us very receptive. The sitting posture makes us less receptive. You have to just do it and know it for yourself. It’s true that you won’t fall asleep when you are sitting but just remember that the receptivity will also not be that appropriate because you won’t be able to relax properly. There would be a sort of continued resistance with the energy. It is right that we might fall asleep if we lie down because the resistance is not there, but just remember that this sleep is also going to make you healthy. Therefore it is important that after healing
the chakras, the relaxation and self remembrance is also performed. Don’t worry about the sleep as this sleep is also not going to be an ordinary sleep. This will be a sort of yoga nidra: sleep in the state of meditation. This sleep will also produce deep healing effect. Therefore it is more beneficial to lie down as we become more receptive in that posture. Sitting or standing posture makes our inner being more aggressive and offensive. So do not hesitate to lie down as it is more beneficial.

A friend has asked - SAINT KABIR DAS SAYS –

There’s nothing to understand in it. You have to know ‘IT’ and experience IT in samadhi. His grace is constantly showering everywhere. Whether we know it or not, whether we are aware of it or not, the grace is showering all the time. If we are passive, we become more receptive. Let’s try to understand it with the help of an example – If a man asks – “Will the sun rise if I open my windows?” No, the sun will not rise with the opening of our window. It has its own ways and system of rising. But our window is close; the sun rays will not be able to enter our room. We would remain closed in our darkness if we will not open our window. Therefore, only that much effort is required. Frankly speaking, it is actually a negative effort that we do not create any obstacle in letting the sun rays enter the room. Our effort will not make the sun light enter the room but our negative effort of opening the window, of removing the hindrance in between will become helpful in letting the sunlight enter the room. If we will not open the window, the sunlight will never be able to enter inside. The sun will keep on waiting outside and there will be darkness inside. So the effort is required only for that much. The obstacle which we have created, that obstacle has to be removed. And then we realize that the Divine Energy, His grace is constantly showering everywhere. Saint Kabir is absolutely right when he says – The Divine nectar is showering in the sky and Lord’s servant Kabir is all drenched in it.

Divine Healing

I will tell you about few general things. First of all I would like to say that each person can become a healer. This is a natural capacity in all. There is nothing special about it. We haven’t tried it yet – is a different matter. If we want to make use of it, that healing power is hidden in us. And it starts revealing its effective results in a very short period. Very soon we will be able to feel the healing energy and those who are receiving it will also feel healed. It is just a matter of feeling this energy flowing in all of us and this can be done through various techniques. Just remember few small points. First of all, don’t ever forget that the Supreme Healer, the Supreme Power is the Lord Himself. And it is His Divine Energy which performs the healing at all levels. We are only His channels, His mediums, through which the energy flows. This is the most important point because if our ego will start thinking that I am doing the healing and that I am doing something really great, then there will be no healing at all. You will not be able to become a medium. You will have to first become totally void and empty, just like a flute and God playing His music in it. You’ll have to be egoless, thoughtless- just filled with the prayer for the wellbeing of all. Let your heart be filled with the prayer for the person you are going to heal. Don’t try to do anything. Let the Supreme Absolute do His job. Just feel yourself as an instrument in the hands of Lord. And then you’ll find that you have become a very good channel – a very good medium. Each person has the capacity and all are capable of doing it. The whole thing will become clear once you will start on some experiments.

Being receptive, passive and silent

Another important point which you should know is that if somebody challenges your ego and says, “Let me see if you can do my healing”, then be careful and never start the experiment with that person. That person is not receptive at all. He will get into the struggle at subtler levels and will never feel relaxed which is absolutely essential for healing. In addition, the person who is not receptive will not be able to get any sort of help by any experiment. And when he posed the challenge to you, he has awakened your ego as well. You will also become aggressive and start thinking of doing something and in this process nothing will happen. This type of experiment is sure to be a failure. So just remember never to try any sort of healing on such a person. When he was challenging you, he had already decided in himself not to get healed and had thus also blocked his receptivity. It is absolutely of no use at all to try any healing experiment on him. The healing should be done in a very loving environment. The healer and the one who needs healing should have amicable feeling for each other. The proper tuning helps in the flow of the Divine Energy which enables the healing. Otherwise the healing is not possible.

The best time for healing is the morning. One feel’s fresh. It’s cool and calm. In the evening when the person is tired after work of whole day, the healing can not be done properly. So much energy is lost during the day. So just remember that the best time is in the morning when you are all fresh, joyful and energetic. The process of healing gets accelerated if the atmosphere is made more serene. It would be much better if the healer and the patient have taken bath and wearing clean clothes and have chosen a place which is well ventilated. Be prayerful; keep some flowers near or some essence sticks, room spray to fill the room with a nice fragrance of your choice. Feel yourself in a particular prayerful state of being. Having a picture of deity you love to pray also proves to be very helpful. If the room in which healing is done is not very big and is only used for healing purpose, gradually that room will get charged with energy and then the healing procedure would become easier at that place. If, during the day other activities also take place in that room, then it becomes a bit difficult, as different types of vibrations leave their affect.
Before starting the healing, it’s better to do some exercise and awaken the energy. For 5 minutes you may also do Bhastrika Pranayam or Kapal bhati to elevate that energy. Then sit quietly in meditation for some time. Become your own witness. And those who have the experience of Samadhi may also remember Surati and Nirati. Listen to the Divine Music and look at the Divine Light. Get merged into the Divine before starting the healing process. Ask the person who is receiving the healing to lie down in comfortable position. If the person is unknown, don’t touch the body. The aura of the body is up to 6 inches and the healer may position his hands 3 inches away from the body and perform the healing. Generally, the touch of the other person makes us more conscious and a sort of subtle resistance starts by itself. We have been brought up in that atmosphere where the significance of touch is not really very positive. The touch signifies either violence or lust. The touch has got associated with anger, violence or sexual desire. And these are not really welcomed. Therefore it would be better not to touch the person who is being healed. But if the person feels relaxed, is well known to you and is ready to receive the healing by touch, it may be done by keeping the hand on his body. Anyhow it is still better to send healing from distance.

Prayerful Mood

Start the healing prayer and also ask the patient also to be in prayerful mood. Both the healer and the patient should pray to God and seek help of the Supreme Absolute in the experiment of healing. In the prayer, it should also be very humbly said that we are just going to be your medium, your channel, kindly let your Divine Energy flow through us. Be prayerful and full of compassion.

Now start the healing experiment. If a particular part of his body is to be healed we should position our palms near that part of the body of the patient and feel intensely that the Divine Energy or the Divine Light is coming out of your hands and entering into the body of the patient and is healing him. Feel that the Divine Light and the Divine Energy are coming out of your aura and entering the aura of the patient, and are also healing him. For those who have done Nirati Samadhi, this is not merely an imagination, but the truth. Get merged into the Divine Light and feel that energy flowing from your aura is entering into the aura of the other person. If the feel of the energy flow is not very prominent, you may rub the palms for a minute or two, feel the heat and the flow of the energy and then restart the whole experiment.

Never forget that you are just a medium and the Divine Energy is flowing through you. You may continue the healing till you feel yourself in a prayerful mood. Then, thank that person that he gave you a chance to get linked to the Divine Energy. Feel the gratitude towards him. Feel the gratitude towards God that you were given a chance to become His medium. Don’t think that you have done him a favor. Always feel that you’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to share your love, your compassion and to become a medium of the Divine Energy.
After the healing session it is always better to take bath. Shake well both your hands in air or make your whole body shiver like a dry leaf in the same manner as it is done during the first phase of the “Urja Dhyan” or “Kundalini Dhyan” meditation technique. Just do it for two-three minutes so that the negative energy – in case it has come to you during the healing process – may get drained away. Also clean that room and let the fresh air enter in the room. Always keep flowers or burn the incense sticks to fill the room with the Divine fragrance as this will also help to eliminate all sorts of negativities. This is how healing is performed on a person.